Lomi against Burnout


There are many reasons

for people to“burn out” today in growing numbers.

A wrong diet and lifestyle,

overexertion, relationship conflicts, disorientation and much more

often add up, so that there’s seemingly no more power

to cope with life.


Lomi Lomi helps through constant,

gentle-dynamic physical contact to tangible feel oneself

in order to gain back stance, relationship with oneself, focus

and vitality.

Sometimes a breakdown is necessary

to realise that we are on the wrong path

or in the wrong way.


Especially our time and the erroneous beliefs

to find happiness and fulfilment

by “more, better, faster, further, …”

while hurting or ignoring

life’s essentials

provoke personal and global

course corrections

of this kind, enormously.


Lomi Lomi supports you

to find yourself again or for the first time.