Lomi Lomi - Initiatory Hawaiian Bodywork


In ancient Hawaii, Lomi Lomi was practised within the families

by people who had a special gift for it,

in order to maintain the health of body and mind.

In cases of special conditions of life or changes thereof,

to rectify the past,

to align and prime oneself anew,

Lomi Lomi was celebrated in the temple

by priests and shamans

in rituals, which could take days,

including prayers and implementing other arts of healing, too.


In 2000, I was introduced by Kahu Abrahamat Kauai*

to his self-developed style called

Lomi Lomi (Romi Kaparere).

Its central element is the preparation of one’s body and energetic system

to step across the line

in one’s one development.

This means a fundamental transformation,

that’s able to unfold its effect

in all directions and times.


There is more to it

than recreation and a sense of well-being.

This kind of Lomi Lomi leads to a special profoundness

and demands lots of process-facilitating experience.

Kahu always emphasised that

you could only support others on their way

inasmuch you’ve walked on your own way.


Such a Lomi Lomi starts

with a detailed conversation

to focus the request at hand.

Through bodywork,

in a deep state of relaxation or

an intensely bodily-emotional process as well,

the issue becomes clearer and leads to flow and conversion.


This way, even deep-rooted

blocks may dissolve, deficiencies may equilibrate,

experiences of one’s true self

and new, expanded dimensions of being may light up.


From a Hawaiian viewpoint

we bring an endless, personal potential with us

on the way to individuation

as our ancestor’s heritage (ancestors would be a broadly defined concept here),

and always follow an innate mandate and desire

for redemption or unfolding.

Seen like that, problems and crises provide hints on obstacles and setbacks in one’s one development.


The body tells his own undisguised story of it,

which can be brought to consciousness – staged –

and this way serves as a medium for redemption and fulfilment.