About me

Dr. Gabriele Schüers









Dr. jur. Gabriele Schüers,

Mother of three grown-up children


Life coach and counselor

Decade-long work with body and consciousness,

supporting people.

Training and further education in

Initiatic Therapy (Forum Rütte, Germany),

Shiatsu (International School of Shiatsu, Graz),

Lomi Lomi (Kahu Abraham, Penny Prior, Kauai),

Matriarchy research

Women trainings (Mayonah Bliss, Germany, and K. Ruby, USA)


Since early on in my life I was interested

in spirituality and psychology.

This caused me to leave my legal career

and dedicate myself to explore

the bodily, psychological and spiritual dimensions of being human.


Of all my trainings and further educations, the Initiatic Therapy by Dürckheim / Hippius

a transpersonal, depth psychological approach –

forms the primary groundwork until now.


In the year 2000, on the island of Kauai,

I met my most important Hawaiian teacher,

Kahu Abraham Kawai’i.


In the knowledge told by him

and his Lomi Lomi bodywork,

I found parallels and extensions to the initiatic supervision.

So these valuable approaches met

in what I called

Hawaiian Initiatic Bodywork”.


Lomi Lomi and practised Aloha,

the Polynesian way of life and the art of living

have become a wonderful means of supporting people

and allowed me to find a piece of spiritual home.


In many years of living and working

I increasingly realised

how the deepest problems and needs

of man and environment are related to the consequences

of millennia-long contempt and violation of female energy.


So it’s a great concern of mine

as a woman, mother and facilitator

to raise consciousness for the

power of life, healing and love

of the female principle

and support the creation of a new feminity,

and a culture of women and life.


Aloha and Lomi Lomi help us to re-member

what being human means in the context of creation.


I’m deeply thankful

to be a part of this global work of remembrance.


MAHALO to all my teachers

who I was able to meet in this life.