My Lomi style


I want to

meet all the people and their concerns

with respect and empathy.

Being aware of the worldwide lack of

female-maternal energy and decisiveness

and what shortcomings and problems

this entails personally and collectively,

as a woman, I invite you consciously to arrive and recharge

in a perceptive, nurturing, supportive energy-field

often sensed as motherly.


It’s about finding again the understanding

of the primal power of motherly feeling, being and doing.

It’s the same power

that serves life unconditionally

and you don’t have to be woman or mother

to find access to this power

and to live accordingly to it …

When we allow ourselves to be motherly,

we are united with the source of all life.


Spiritually, it’s part of our Buddha-nature,

the divine feminine within us.

It symbolises highest creativity,

wisdom, unconditional love, compassion, dedication, generosity, patience, encouragement and protection of life.


In Hawaii, tribesmen and -women or people seeking help

were addressed as “Keiki” (child) by the elders,

and treated lovingly and friendly as such.

It’s beneficial, even as a grown-up,

to be able to let go and trust like a child from time to time …

Only when our inner child is nurtured and without fear,

we may mature to sensitive and caring grown-ups

and take our place in the chain of life.


I feel strongly connected

with the life wisdom of matriarchal cultures,

with the ancient Hawaii before the warrior tribes, too,

and maybe the lost civilisation of Lemuria.

It’s like I’d bear these images in me since forever.